Lakefront Cottage For Sale

Lakefront Cottage on Deeded Recreational Lot $249,000

Park Model Photos

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The Park Model is a 2008 Cavco.  The entire structure has Hardiplank siding and a metal roof.  The park model has a double loft separated by the stairway.  The living room is spacious with a Cathedral ceiling.  There is a propane fire place that works even if there is a power outage.  The bathroom has a full residential shower and toilet.  The bedroom has a queen bed on a Captains frame (providing 6 extra storage drawers on each side of the bed).  Many extras were added to maximize space and comfort. 

ParkModelPics/2Fireside7.JPG ParkModelPics/2Fireside6.JPG ParkModelPics/2Fireside5.JPG ParkModelPics/2Fireside4.JPG
ParkModelPics/2Fireside3.JPG ParkModelPics/2Fireside2.JPG ParkModelPics/2Fireside1.JPG ParkModelPics/3Kitchen5.JPG
ParkModelPics/3Kitchen4.JPG ParkModelPics/3Kitchen3.JPG ParkModelPics/3Kitchen2.JPG ParkModelPics/3Kitchen1.JPG
ParkModelPics/4BedBath4.JPG ParkModelPics/4BedBath3.JPG ParkModelPics/4BedBath2.JPG ParkModelPics/7PMLoft5.JPG
ParkModelPics/7PMLoft4.JPG ParkModelPics/7PMLoft3.JPG ParkModelPics/7PMLoft2.JPG ParkModelPics/7PMLoft1.JPG

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